New Year, New Standards: How PPS is Upping the Logistics Game in 2024

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New Year, New Standards: How PPS is Upping the Logistics Game in 2024

As the calendar flips to 2024, PPS Logistics isn’t just stepping into a new year; we’re driving into an era of unprecedented growth and innovation.


A Fresh Chapter with PPS Autocare Ltd

2024 marks the launch of PPS Autocare Ltd. Led by the experienced Donovan, this new venture is set to revolutionise how we manage and maintain our fleet. Expect enhanced efficiency and even higher service standards.


Streamlined Structure, Streamlined Service

This year, we’re all about smarter, not harder. By restructuring into a group model, we’re ensuring each division becomes a powerhouse in its own right. The goal? A slicker, more efficient PPS.


Freight Forwarding: Our Bold New Frontier

Under David Lyons’ expert guidance, we’re expanding our Freight Forwarding division. Aggressive growth? Absolutely. But we’re confident in mirroring the success of our pallet business. Watch this space.


Elevating the Amazon Experience

For our Amazon contract, the focus is twofold: elevate fleet standards and boost driver engagement. Our commitment to meeting customer demands remains as steadfast as ever.


Efficiency and Excellence: Our Twin Pillars

We’re not just growing; we’re evolving. 2024 will see us honing in on cost reduction and efficiency improvement projects. Our target? A customer base that values the high service level we’re known for.


Looking Ahead

At PPS, 2024 is more than just a new year. It’s a new chapter in our journey of setting industry standards. We’re not just part of the logistics game; we’re redefining it. Stay tuned for a year of breakthroughs and benchmarks.




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